We now have the final bits and pieces in place for our very first live contest entry, it’s an exciting time to be reaching the peak of something that started several years ago and I know we will enjoy the experience.

Pacem was the best we have played it last night, paying attention to the dynamics and getting the rolling nature of the interwoven phrases came through clearly and there was excellent attention to detail.

Oregon, we dropped our guard a little throughout this piece, there were several wrong notes coming through from the middle of the band and some of the phrasing went missing, however the ability of the band to play consistently throughout the piece is noticeable.

Tales of the sea  once again we are well on top of this work. However the alla Marcia section is of note. We have a rhythmic phrase of minim, dotted crotchet then quaver, yet in so many ways we sound like we are playing two crotchets at that that time, I think the main reason is that we don’t hold the dotted note long enough and then average the quaver out to to fill the bar….make sure the long note is long and the short note isn’t!

We must use originals on stage due to copyright issues, these are now being made available each rehearsal in individual folders that you can write your name on and mark in pencil anything you require, please note they aren’t leaving the band room! But staying in my possession.