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Stunning Success

Sunday the 13th March saw the resumption of Camden Community Band’s sit-down concerts, the first since COVID interrupted the arts and public performances. CCB in collaboration with Leichhardt Celebrity Band performed to a sellout audience at the Camden Civic Centre.

Harold Pollard OAM was enthralled by the standing ovation following the Band’s performance of Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and arranged by Johan de Meij.

Musical Director Murray Bishop was highly complimentary of the bands’ performance, as was the president of CCB, Mr Tony Flatman who was visibly elate with what he referred to as a stunning success. He wished to formally acknowledge the efforts of all the team and its supporters.


Members’ Urgent Notices

The October Playlist has been published. please log in and download your parts.

The Playout List has been updated. Please log in and download your parts.


Members are reminded that they should complete all applicable registration forms and indicate whether they can/cannot attend. This allows improved planning for performances. Inability to attend is the first option under “Instrument Part”.

Members registration for the 2022 NSW State Band Championship is now posted.


Ensembles Registration is now available under
“Dance Band”.
You need to register to access the music.



Great news for all our current and new members.

Rehearsals start back at the Camden Senior Citizens Centre, usual time, Tuesdays, 5-5:45 PM

Please be aware that to protect
Members and the Community
Safety Plan is in-force.


Camden RSL Sub-Branch
Camden Community Band

A fantastic inaugural concert to a “sell-out crowd” at the Carrington Retirement Village’s Recreation Hall turned an otherwise ordinary Sunday into a sparkling afternoon. Thanks to the Camden RSL Sub Branch for putting on the pre ANZAC Day event and to the Camden Community Band for their stunning performance.

Musical Director of Camden Community Band, Camden’s only Community Band, reported on the CCB Facebook page “Great concert today team, so much nicer to have Guy Walton, Francesca. Olsen with us and to have members of the audience tell me later they had seen photos of family members during the performance.”

Camden RSL Sub-Branch
2022 Concert


The President of the Camden RSL Sub-Branch Iain Richard-Evan  the Musical Director of  Camden Community Band (CCB) Murray Bishop have orchestrated  a concert paying tribute to service personnel titled: Music of the War Years. 

The MD proudly boasted that The concert will have a broad appeal  as it includes not only favourite oldies, but tunes from Korean and Vietnam conflict era.

CCB Musical Director Murray Bishop stated his appreciation of the financial support, commitment and encouragement provided by the RSL. 


1st Public Performance
Since Return From

COS band promo video

How to Make Practice FUN!

Music practice motivation is an integral part to improving your skills as a musician. We all want to play better for many personal reasons.

Success is one of the major motivators in everything we do. We like the highs derived from achievement, be those endorphin rushes small  or humungous. In-fact, many small rushes are preferable and have a longer lasting motivational effect than one huge rush.

A great and proven technique to enjoying practice involves following five simple steps:

  1. WHY – what do you hope to achieve by practicing. It could be as simple as feeling more confident in playing your part, not relying on others to always take the lead, or maybe increased confidence when playing a lead part or solo. 
  2. LINK to WHY. –  expected specific outcomes.
  3. Mini CHALLENGES – setting yourself small achievable challenges such as playing a passage or phrase without a mistake. I love this one in particular., probably because of the “hits” it gives me when I succeed.
  4. STACKED objectives – ensure that your objectives are easily reachable. You might need to change tempo or reduce the size of a phrase.
  5. FUN play. Finish off with something you love to play and play really well.

These simple tips will increase your music practice motivation, allowing you to make significant progress while enjoying yourself more.

For more information, click on the featured YouTube Video by Mark Morley-Fletcher from “Play In The Zone”. It is an easy to follow  9+ minute tutorial on how to motivate yourself to make practice fun.






Technical Skills Series

13 brief YouTube clips from MBM and presented by Murray Bishop.

These simple to understand, informative and essential tutorials are a must for anyone wanting to improve their music.  Watch these short YouTube videos for magical results.

Click the icon for information on joining!