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Musical Growth

As restrictions continue to ease in the wake of this latest Covid mess, we are finally able to get back to doing what we enjoy….playing music together!

No more will we resemble a cross between the Brady Bunch credits and a Muppet show, but subject to conditions we can restart physical rehearsal. For those who were unable to join us online you missed loads of fun, challenges, music and camaraderie. We played, listened and laughed but most importantly, we checked in on each other and supported each other.

I am looking forward to our successful return on the 26th October with solid steps forward to a busy period ahead as life continues to return to normal!


Members’ Urgent Notices

Rehearsal Update:

The link to the first Concert Band Rehearsal following lockdown can be found on the “General Notices” page.

Rehearsal Video’s from 22nd June 2021 can be viewed under MD’s Notices


Please be aware that to protect
Members and the Community
Safety Plan is in-force.

Live Performances

A great thank-you was given by Musical Director Murray Bishop in person as well as sent out via our Facebook page to all of the members of Camden Community Bands’ ensembles for their lively and entertaining performances at the Cobbitty Market on Saturday 5th June 2021.

COS Band

Community Of Schools Band

The Community of Schools (COS) Band received accolades from a distinguished member of the NSW Fire Brigade Band.

The newly formed Camden Community Dance Band under the leadership of Harold Pollard OAM had many toes taping and the appreciative audience witnessed some exquisite impromptu  dancing.

The NSW Band Association’s Award winning Concert Band would not be outdone, so the discerning audience was treated to the high level of musical performance that sees the Camden Community Band in such high demand.

All of Camden Community Bands ensembles are available for public performances. For further information, please contact the Musical Director Murray Bishop or via the link at the bottom of this page.

COS band promo video
COS Ensemble

Ongoing Learning

Resumption from Long Break

A common question I am asked is: “why cant I just pick up the instrument and play after a long break?”
There are a number of reasons for this. Just the same as you can’t ride a bike for 50km straight off, you have to train to achieve that!

Your muscle memory diminishes rapidly when you stop playing and therefore your lip loses tone and simply doesn’t comply with what you want it to do. Also your fingers forget what they are supposed to do….. but don’t worry it’s all buried right back in your long term memory, what we need to do is call it forward again.

The best way to resume playing is not to try and play extremes of register or volume but start off with long low to middle register notes concentrating on tone, posture and breath support, this can be a positive time to banish old habits too!!!

I don’t try to launch into your favourite tune or the tune you were rehearsing at your time of stopping, because it will only disappoint you when you can’t play it and that is harmful to your mental state. Instead, take a step back and play some easy tunes to begin with, rekindle your enjoyment of playing first. Remember short periods of playing is better for you than a massive effort once a week!


CCB Zoom 2021

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