This is my first attempt at posting on the new blog page, thanks Gus for setting this up, its another step forward for the band.

I can’t stress strongly enough the need to be ultra careful with regards to the viral situation we are currently experiencing, attention to detail is vital. Several players have elected not to attend rehearsals in the current climate, but feel they are letting the side down by not doing so. Let me be blunt….. your safety and well being is the first and only priority at this time and the only way you will let the side down is to ignore your own safety or to disregard signs and symptoms of illness. This virus will pass and when I does, I want every member of the band in good health.

In terms of playing, there were some magic moments in Phillip bliss as dynamics just became part of the richer tapestry of performance, exuberance showed for the first time the floating style that I have been chasing after, well done. Overture is still taking shape and don’t forget this is a huge work for us to attempt and every part of learning we glean from it can be used in every other chart we play. I recorded them for my own use and will make a more detailed response later on.

Finally, can I please request each member to ensure they have the current playlist with them at all rehearsals as we only have a limited number of devices that can be loaned, a new playlist will be up for august shortly. Thank you to all our members who have given so much effort, time and encouragement in recent months, our band is a rich place of friendship, support and enjoyment and I appreciate your efforts enormously