Following last nights rehearsal, the word complacent stuck in my mind. There was some superb playing and some not so good playing, there were sections we had rehearsed a thousand times that just fell apart, what can we do? I think there are several things going on here at present and therefore There are several options available to us to sort things out.

1. Uncertainty about future performances and the contest…. for so long we have been prevented from doing what we do best, and that is perform, its hard to bring that extra polish when the gig book is empty, but the band association has released their contest details so we can now formulate a timeline for completion and look at how we can make this a celebration of a performance rather than a competition.

2. A new playlist, which I will get sorted this week introducing some other repertoire for us to enjoy and use the considerable playing skills we have attained during the contest process to make our performances even better.

3. During the lock down period Dennis Williams kindly wrote a number of arrangements for us to try, which we will do as a sight reading skill with the view of adding them to our repertoire along the way.

4. As soon as restrictions will allow, I would like to see some social interactions occur as well, we currently aren’t allowed to provide a food service and must be limited in who can be on premises etc but when that changes and it becomes safe to do so, let’s think of getting together socially somewhere.

5. During this period of time, social band has elected not to rehearse meaning that the time slot of 6 to 7 is free at the bandroom, if anyone would like to have a sectional rehearsal during this time, then let’s do it and sot out those pesky parts! I am happy to be there to answer questions or assist as necessary With any questions you any have

lets shake for the plateau we have landed on and keep reaching upwards together.