A huge thanks to all our members who made it to  our live stream performance. Under some very hot conditions and with very limited rehearsal time, I felt the band acquitted itself to a high standard and I have received a number of comments and messages from those who have watched our stream congratulating the band. Some have mentioned difficulty with the sound and or the video of the stream, unfortunately that is dependant on the download speed, and the device you are watching it on, its not something we can control on the broadcast end.

I would like to put out a special mention however to Gus, Tony and Jarrad who helped in the preparations and supported this project in so many ways. As those on the day would know, we were badly let down by the person employed to provide the streaming service meaning a lot of additional stress and effort had to go in to ensure the success of the performance. My thanks to Pat Took who came in at less than an hours notice and ably operated our system with a few minutes on the job training. I would also like to again mention Dennis Williams who provided a number of the charts we used, I really think that without his efforts, we would be scratching to put together such a performance.

Several comments made to me related to the tightness of our playing, the cut offs at the end of the pieces and the attention to phrasing together. this is all a result of the detailed work that Harold did with us in the last year, and whilst it may have seemed tedious at the time, it has really shown up in our ability to play to a greater standard and that is something we should be striving for each time we meet.

Please remember that the February playlist will be operating from next week, if its not up already it sure will be soon!

see you all next Tuesday for normal rehearsal, kids band and Brass Ensemble