I’m finding this an unusual blog to write as Director of Music…. I played from the back and have reviewed the video from the front, but didn’t conduct!

Three words echo in my mind…. preparation, articulation and dynamics…. this saying is very relevant…. the audience won’t know if you mark your music but they will find out if you haven’t….. Mark up the dynamics and entries…please!

Following a great working rehearsal with Harold and viewing the video which I will get put up on the website shortly the following notes are offered to help further preparation…. remember this isn’t criticism but by drilling right down to this piece we can learn to perform better, more efficiently and get the most out of our craft

Overture to a new Age

opening notes…not quite together….. prepare yourself, breath early and watch the baton for that cue

good articulations throughout this passage

upper woodwinds need to clean up the running parts here, keep together

more dynamics can be added to create effect….. over exaggerate the sorts by being softer use the crescendos  etc to grow

bar 25 good change and approach

bar 33 watch the intonation in the Clarinet’s, pic entry not in tune

check the articulations in the lower brass

the crescendo into 57 needs to be more stated

the 2/4 bar the articulation is still not clearly defined between quavers and triplets

trumpet 2 and 3 need to copy trumpet 1 in sound and style leading up to 117

bar 132 upper winds are not together and are messy at this point

153 trill is not together

watch the intonation in saxes during the subito section and ensure the pause is together

clarinet cadenza is sounding good however you added an extra semi quaver in the descending pattern

leading up to 171 intonation is good as is balance

watch the poco a poco crescendo… this needs to be a continuous gradual increase

good clear transition to new tempo

good interplay between trumpets and woodwinds at 197

dynamic growth to 252 needs to be more graduated and even

be careful we don’t rush into procession to a new age 258

dynamic changes… trumpet is at f at 276 but horns start at mf and crescendo in 277 they are not the same marking

285 bit of a piccolo disaster!

293 don’t get too big too fast

303 play cantabile….a broad singing style not just loud

319 make sure that sustained parts leave room for those with running parts, we need to hear all the parts

327 be careful the tempo doesn’t drag at this point as the texture thickens otherwise we don’t make enough of the grandiose and it will become too heavy

good ending

we are nearly there team…. keep up the excellent work

Here is the link to the recording: Overture Rehearsal Recording 08/09/2020