Yet another strong performance last night, continues to demonstrate the increasing ability of our band to not only tackle but to surmount the challenges of difficult works.

on a couple of fronts however, I have been made aware of people expressing concerns and of other much less informed people expressing negative opinions over how and what we are currently doing, as members, your input is important to the direction of the band and the ability of the management team to support you in the best possible way. Please don’t sit in silence or allow your comments to go unheard, speak up to the committee, myself as the director of music or the conductor of your ensemble and let them know your thoughts. As for those outside the band who choose to comment or criticise, usually they are not in possession of the full facts and are making noise to make themselves heard rather than actually constructively adding to any discussion…. at present they are outside of band and shall remain there with good reason.

as our contest pieces continue to take shape, have a read of the adjudication I have uploaded on the mds notices, this is the sort of thing we may experience in our debut, I am happy to upload the Recordings I based these off if requested but my plan is to re record us shortly and compare them.

the timeline for contest will see us recording in the next couple of months as we finalise a venue suitable for our needs, so without applying additional pressure…we are nearly there and need to keep working well to provide a great experience all round

once again, I offer my thanks to all members who continue to support the band in so many ways and to our committee for their ongoing efforts to grow our website, our uniform and the overall management of our ensembles