As we edge closer to our recording date, there are several items of housekeeping to keep in mind

1. Please check the recording schedule listed under general notices and make yourself familiar with the required times etc

2. The recording will be done in full uniform, if you aren’t sure what that is or if you are missing a tie or jacket, please see Tony asap

3. Bring water and if necessary, food to the recording session, there is nothing close by to obtain nourishment

4. We are restricted as to numbers on site, therefore it is not possible to bring observers or extras other than video crew and playing band members. I think at this point, if a member has not been rehearsing with us, then please be there in spirit and join us at our celebration the following Tuesday.

The two weeks prior our recording are school holidays and as such the kids band and social band will not be rehearsing. With that in mind, I propose we start full band at 7pm to give us that slight amount of extra time to put on the final coat of polish. I will be available on site from 6pm those nights to run a sectional rehearsal should any members wish to take the opportunity to sort out some specific areas.

speaking musically, we keep making progress and as Harold illustrated last night, there are so many layers of overture where parts are split and the same instruments have entirely different melodies it’s vital that you play your part and don’t rely on anyone else.

ends of phrases are also a point of concern with me, particularly when we have sustained notes…. it’s important to count through and release the note on time, don’t just hold it and hope you are right…. again playing through the phrases is important, particularly in slower tempos.

keep up the great work, see you next week