Long before I had this ability to share my thoughts with the band in general via this blog, I used to go home from rehearsal and write notes for myself so I kept a diary of our rehearsal progress and effort. Reflecting back on those notes last night I can rarely find a period of greater disappointment and frustration noted. Frustration over having to sit through the same explanations over and over, the same errors being made, frustration over the lack of attention to detail…. yes I know we are a community band and we are all busy people with limited time, I know all the excuses and reasons, but I also know I’m not the only one experiencing this frustration…. don’t forget I run a business as well.

My disappointment stems from knowing the reason for my frustration, sitting at the rear of the band looking at many of the music sheets and not seeing any markings, not seeing a pencil mark at all, despite repeated requests from both Harold and myself, I reached the point last night of thinking why bother? My score is marked, why isn’t yours? What will it take? If I need to spend a whole rehearsal showing intelligent, mature people how to use a pencil, then I will, it’s not hard….point the pointy bit at the music and press, suddenly there is a mark on the paper that will remind you not to play in the rest or to change key or change dynamic…. if you think I am being sarcastic you are correct, but that gives rise to the level of my frustration….for the last time….MARK YOUR BLOODY PART