As always it’s great to get into rehearsal and be playing as a group, however we experienced a few gaps for the first time in a longtime meaning that there were some areas not covered. These gaps have largely be due to illness or school commitments and for the most, players do let me know in advance which is appreciated but there are always some unexplained no shows, may I gently remind members to let me know either by sms, via email or by letting another band member know so we aren’t concerned for your welfare and if necessary can find replacements.

To the music: Gulgong is of course our major focus, but I want to keep that program light and enjoyable both for the band and the audience, therefore even if you aren’t heading up to gulgong, don’t feel that you need to be missing from rehearsal, you are still part of the team!

Super heroes r us: all trumpets play the intro fanfare and sit down as necessary at about bar 15. 2nd trumpets can download the fanfare part from the website.
Keep the tempos up in this piece but keep the style light so it moves.
Aussie medley: tuning on the solo part is vital. Note the tempo changes between sections generally without falls or pauses so the change is rapid. Again strive for lightness and energy.

Snowy river: note the tempo changes between the start and going into cut time.
In the slow sections, they aren’t that slow so watch the tempo. Stick with horn 1 and 2 and I’ll give horn 3,4 to flugals

Seekers: start at the biaon tempo before 8 and play to the cut before the olive tree. Keep the section of the carnival is over flowing and moving, don’t get too heavy. Cut to the pauses before 14 and then keep it bright, the broadening at the end remains in 2 so don’t get over the top with slowing down.