Please ensure you have access to all the music…. Concert band playlist will be put up in the last week of the month and available for download prior to the first rehearsal of the new month.

Warm up series…. Warming up is critical in these winter months, not only for the instrument but for us as players, it’s also a great time to work on balance and intonation plus the odd dynamics thrown in…use these for your own benefit as well as the bands.

Pacem…it’s coming along nicely, given the two points of danger…the start and the end still need confidence.

Tales of the sea… phrasing is important particularly in the opening melody of crotchet, quaver rest….we must make the rest felt else we tend to speed up

Oregon. Keeps improving and we are starting to get the presto and prestissimo sections happening….. as always dynamics need attention as do the fullness of the pick up notes throughout the piece.

Stone guest…. Returning to this piece after a few years, it is interesting to see the confidence the ensemble has to play it…..we used to shy away and hide, yet here we gave it a good shot at tempo with only a few minor crashes…well done