I know we are in the silly season and you all know just how much I love Christmas carols but let’s not allow any of that to reduce our playing ability. If we are playing for a carols service (such a St. James at  Menangle etc.) playing through at one volume to company the singing is almost ok as most people are busy singing or not listening to the band, but if we are performing it’s a different matter as the nuance of the music forms a major part of the listening enjoyment so it is vital we make the most of it!

The end of sleigh ride has 2 crotchets in quick succession….the second one will be on the stick not in time. As will be any shot notes on the end.

The 3rd December is our first attempt  at a community Christmas function of our own design, please make the effort to not only support it on the day but also in the lead up by volunteering to decorate, make lolly bags or prepare for what I hope is a fun time. If you have neighbours or school mates who are musicians, invite them to join us for some enjoyable fellowship.

Thanks for all your work and enjoy the festive season