It’s always hard to reset after a successful concert, it seems to be a trend with bands all over the world that the rehearsal straight after is smaller and many players take time off! That wasn’t the issue last night however, we had a good solid turn out and got some good playing done.

Please make sure you have the full playlist ready to go as we are rapidly moving onto our next project; the Anzac concert on the 10th. This concert will involve the rsl’s vocalist and at present I am not sure what she will be performing but it will also have Guy Walton singing his composition with the band. In addition I hope to have a rolling montage of local ex service men and women being projected through certain tunes as we play, if you have a photo (digital) of a member of your family in uniform that you would like included please let me know….if I can’t get enough photos we will use what we can get and dedicate a piece to that person. The rsl is also providing the official honour roll for us to use. It’s fantastic that members are coming up with suggestions to develop the concert series and whilst we may not be able to accomodate every suggestion in this concert as it’s running very close to the one just gone these ideas are stored away for the next one.

A brief note on our concert: it was fantastic to be once again able to perform to a live audience in concert format, the event was well attended and enthusiastically received by all. Congratulations must go to each performer from all ensembles but the highlight to me was the performance of Phantom of the opera under Harold’s baton, a superb performance and I can’t laud the playing of members enough, everything that had been said over the last 18 months came to the fore, what a way to put phantom of the opera to bed!