A good working rehearsal, commencing with some sectional practice at 6pm to work on various bits that need it! Remember that the earlier time slot next week is a great opportunity to work with your section or solo on any parts that cause you issues… I am there to help or guide as required.

It’s pleasing to note that many players have their parts marked and the cuts etc are now being played accurately, please continue this habit into Irish tune and exuberance.

A couple of points raised by Harold last night relate to the ends of phrases as we often don’t seperate or finish the note properly or run one phrase into the next, please work on this.

Our focussed practice was on the section called “notes” and it is becoming clear that this delicate area needs work away from the band to ensure its accuracy and clarity.

A couple of members have asked if I can post metronome markings for each section for rehearsal purposes…. However they are all marked in your score already and are a basic guide only as the tempos change to suit the ensemble each week.

I would also recommend that you take time to view the videos Gus has been making during his playing sabbatical as the sound is quite different from the front and that is what the adjudicator is hearing and therefore marking us on…. Remember it is the collective sound that matters.

Keep up the great work