A smaller rehearsal and as we get closer to Christmas with restrictions now allowing people to do things they couldn’t a short while ago, there will be pressures on the band to maintain adequate cover on all parts. The secret here is to talk in your sections and make sure that the section is covered and only if there is a problem then talk to me about it! As you are probably aware I get numerous contacts from people unable to attend or needing assistance etc from a number of bands and it’s actually quite hard to keep on top of it all, so I would appreciate you sorting it in the sections ect.

The key words from last night are: listening….. listen to each other, create room for the melody to flow and blend, all dynamics are relative, we may all be marked the same level, but we don’t need to play the same level we need to listen and blend in an empathetic manner.

Watching: there were a few spots that managed to get out of time or created an early entry etc, watching for the cues will help that immeasurably and it is to the players credit that often they would pick it up and get back into time without delay.

Overall I felt that our confidence was starting to return to pre lockdown levels, players were getting stuck in and playing their parts with strength (at times a little too much) but it bodes well that we can rebound so fast.