We are so very close, yet we see the same few mistakes raising their ugly heads each week….. dynamics, accidentals being missed etc and not watching the conductor….. these are maladies that affect many bands but expect them to also be the things the adjudication will show as well as i am certain we will repeat them on stage!
on the flip side, the band is playing exceptionally well across the board and whilst its my job to point out the errors it also gives me great pleasure to hear and acknowledge the leaps and bounds we have made to attain the current level. I know i have said it a number of times but the work that we have put into learning not only these pieces but the preceding Phantom as well, all add to our general ability to play any chart in any situation.
Congratulations to one of our younger members Zac B on stepping up and filling the first chair in the absence of both our senior players, a great job indeed.
specifically, we have one run through left before its all over, so there will be a session from 6 next week to ask questions practice sections or mark scores etc etc leading into our final rehearsal. please make every effort to attend at least the rehearsal as we won’t be live streaming.
moving beyond the competition, we will be straight into some rehearsal for Gulgong and beyond so i would ask that you have your playout books at the ready for what i hope will be a triumphant post contest blow!