How good was the weekend! The online festival of bands for the state contest was much better than I expected in terms of quality and entertainment. I believe we gave a great performance and to be on the podium twice in our debut is a very positive sign for our band. I am currently awaiting the official adjudicators comments and will listen to them before releasing them for you to listen to but remember at the end of the day it is one persons opinion from a video console and with no knowledge of our band so as you listen look for the positives, listen to any suggestions and encouragement but never take it personally!

Our rehearsal last night was a light run through much of the play out folder in preparation for our wingello concert, yet a couple of points stand out.

A: dynamics will always need to be observed and altered to suit the composition of the band on the day, the reason these are called dynamics is because they aren’t a fixed volume but a flexible range of volume that may be adjusted to suit the best sounds and harmonies…. the key to good dynamic playing is simple….. watch what is written on the page and listen

B: don’t allow us to go on auto pilot, just because we have played these charts many times….. the audience most likely hasn’t heard them before and therefore deserve a best performance…. this can be one of the most difficult things to do as we know the piece and we know how it goes so relax and wham….. that’s when silly mistakes occur

It’s lovely to have band members come up and talk about things I have written in this blog and ask questions or seek clarification, that’s what this is all about, it’s never personal or directed at anything but improving our performance and to give you some insight as to the million things that pass through my mind each week or things that I may forget, if there is something you wish to know….just ask.

Our ensembles move to a woodwind group next week after some great dance band sessions. All I ask is that if you intend playing, let me know and likewise if you book in but can’t attend let me know as with these groups I have to source specific instrumental arrangements or spend the time writing them.