Preparation for Gulgong continues, however with only two rehearsals left, there is considerable work to be done.

Super heroes r us: is going well, however we need to keep the energy up throughout this piece

Aussie medley: opening phrase needs a lot of work. I will rewrite the tenor part for alto for this performance as it needs a lot more strength. Watch the rhythm here as well.

The tempo changes are quite sudden without falls until I still call australia home but even then do t let this get heavy, keep it light!

Grease: attention to keys, dynamics and balance here. We can’t afford to let this piece become just a boring play along keep it lively.

Man from snowy river. Again lightness is the key. Vitally important that we listen to each other. It’s been impossible to rehearse the slow section adequately due to members absences but I hope that changes next week. Trumpets and horns at the fanfare (bar 105) we MUST have all parts played or the effect is lost. As we enter the main theme after that, try to create the feeling of flying, light and rhythmic.

Queen: probably our best effort, however low brass needs to ensure bar 79 onwards is clear and not muddy (difficult bit that)

Waltzing Matilda. Watch tempos and stops

What a wonderful world: listen for the soloist at all times

Seekers, remember the cuts and keep it light

Radetsky: play as written