Time is drawing near when we can finally step on the stage in our very first competition as a band, it’s time to be excited, we have been working toward this day for three years believe it or not and have been thwarted each time by the dreaded Covid but now it’s happening. As I have said many times, it’s never about the result but the journey but let’s face it we would all like to walk away with the points and we rightfully deserve to do well! So what needs to be done to get the best?
1. Play your parts at home
2. Mark your parts..the originals are at band early each week, and in the next few weeks there will be ample opportunity to come in and mark your part before band.
3. Attend as many rehearsals as you can (only 3 to go) I will set up a zoom access for the next week at least so if you are unable to attend you can still join in
4. Get excited, we are doing this!

Specifically I think one of the biggest challenges remains our dynamic range….. overdo it everytime, if you think it’s soft enough take it down a notch if it crescendos make the growth broader etc

Guess what team…we got this!!!!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication