There isn’t a lot more to add to what was said last night….. the work has been done, the stage has been set, all we need do is turn up and play! But I wanted to reflect on our journey this far…..

I don’t believe that there is a member who hasn’t improved as a result of the work we have put in, even those whom we look at as being top players are playing better. We have pulled together as an ensemble despite constant intrusion from covid, I have seen leaps in confidence in so many members as I have seen the growth in the character and esteem of members….. none of this has much to do with playing the notes but more to do with the interactions and challenges we face as a team.

Musically, this translates into confidence in our sound, all the effort spent working on Oregon, overture to a new age and phantom can and should be carried over to every piece we play, whether it be our next challenge or a simple play out folder selection, the notes are the same, the dynamics have the same meaning etc, etc…. So whilst we revel in the joy of successfully performing our contest pieces, we need to be willing to apply these learnings to every step of our performance no matter where or what type of show it is, we can carry the legacy of your effort forward to the next performance and the next challenge.

Thank you to all our members for your dedication and effort and especially to those who go a step ahead with their support for the band by doing the myriad of jobs, or offering their support in so many ways, we really are a community to be proud of