A good rehearsal all round. We ironed out a number of issues across our concert repertoire.

Super heroes: as our performance starts the band stands as I enter, the band sits except for the trumpets. Make sure the bells are pointed straight ahead and not at the ground. Follow Gus for the cue to sit.

Aussie medley: a vast improvement on the opening phrases, please keep the additional alto and trumpet parts in at this time. Percussion can start the hihat off beats from bar 1.

Grease: the major concern in this was timing and overplaying without attention to detail. Lighten it up so it flows and watch! Good work on the exposed joining phrases.

Man from snowy: watch the time signature changes when we go into 2 and watch that we don’t overblow the horn lines, it’s supposed to be in the distance. Flugals work well covering the horn parts but from bar 70 we need the trumpet parts covered as well. Check the entries at 105 to be certain, and again at the trumpet fanfare at 151 be strong and watch the accidentals.

Queen: watch the rall before 26 and make sure the whole tiered chord is heard throughout 26…particularly the trumpet 2 entry. At 79 don’t overflow the phrase and lose all sound, keep it light and together.

Waltzing Matilda: some good playing here. Use the picc for the start. Watch the ends of phrases so we cut off quickly (particularly where the end of the phrase is a tied quaver followed by rests)

What a wonderful world: keep it light and flowing, watch the dynamics, listen for he soloist.

Seekers: the carnival is over ….. don’t get too slow. Watch the ending of the chart it may slow down but follow the conductor