What a fun rehearsal last night, thank you to those who got on top of all the music downloads, it saves so much time when you already have the charts and we can do more playing than searching!

Our trial run of the brass ensemble proved to be interesting to say the least as we attempted some rather challenging arrangements. I am currently sourcing some other charts for next week now that we know it will work. Don’t forget that it’s open to all brass players or those wishing to try a second instrument…in this instance it will be brass and in a few weeks woodwinds with a stage band thrown in between.

We finally have a confirmed gig in the book! An afternoon at Wingello which will be a nice restful time for family and friends to enjoy some music from the band, the stringline folk band, a jazz band and maybe more, with a bit of luck we will be able to sneak a few more performances in before the end of the year and return to the enjoyment of playing. For this reason, may I request you ensure your play out folder is up to scratch and you bring it to rehearsal next week so we can refresh our memory ready for the stage.

Thank you to all who contributed to the recent Bunnings bbq, even though fund raising is not in my portfolio, we must keep an eye on the finances at this time as gigs are scarce and bills abound!

Please check out the new playlist on the website and download the music as it becomes available so we can continue to get the maximum benefit from each rehearsal…… and just in case you forget…..DYNAMICS!!!