Our concert is coming together for the 10th of April. As this well may become an annual event, I am always on the look out for different ideas to develop our next performance – if you have made a suggestion or are thinking of something, let me know as whilst it may not be used this time around, it will go into the think tank for next time.

It was great to work with Guy on his composition last night as well, bearing in mind this version has never been performed in Australia – it will be a highlight of our concert. Remember, however, to keep it light and let the soloist shine through, watching the ralls that we have before D, G and H to match the lyrics.

Band of Brothers is taking shape, again be aware of the moving parts which need to come through over the sustained notes, which we will taper to create interest along the way. The triplets at the start in particular need to maintain their feeling of threes and not morph into twos like a siren.

Dam Busters. Watch the phrasing and articulations the beginning, we tend to miss the staccato quavers and then make the quaver-semiquaver groups too long, thus slowing the tempo from the outset. Also, be prepared for the return to the original tempo after the pause in the end – also be careful we don’t slow down too much in the latter part of the chart, as it becomes restive and loses feel.

Keep up the great work.