This is not strictly relating to our rehearsal last night, but having listened to our adjudication recording (which will be shared on our web page for your own listening) I think there are some point to be raised.

Remember all the comments are purely the opinion of the adjudicator and it’s evident in his comments that he liked things done slightly differently, whether it be tempo or style…. But it’s worth thinking about as it’s a different perspective.

It’s obvious he liked easier pieces with more homogenous melody lines but he also comments several times about the challenge of our selections which after all is precisely the reason we chose and worked on them.

The other thing I noticed was he heard a quite different balance to what we heard on stage which makes it very hard to cater to his hearing.

You will hear some wrong notes as we play but don’t feel bad about that, that’s live music for you, sometimes we can’t control what falls out the other end but what I see is a live band playing live music in a challenging environment and I think overall we did well.

The adjudicators closing comments I think sum up the band very well, and his challenge to work on the musicality of our presentation certainly rings true with me although we may disagree with his approach at times.

I hope you have a listen to his comments, and be your own judge as we move forward to our next exciting chapter of development of our band, thank you for all your hard work.