A lighter rehearsal last night as we work back into more community based performances, however the work we have put into our contest pieces needs to be applied to these works as well….. dynamics and balance must remain at the forefront of any playing we do.

Impresario overture: interesting to see us re approach this work with our new skill level, I had almost given up on us playing this but with a little work we could make it happen! The key here is to play lightly using the upper brass to emphasise phrases and thicken the texture. This work was not written for a giant orchestra in an opera house but a 17 or 18 pieces cafe orchestra playing lightly for the amusement of patrons, we need to maintain that balance. Phrasing is the big challenge for the woodwinds as the long. Florid phrases become tired and slow.

Grease…. Be careful we don’t slip into old habits and play roughly. We have the opportunity to make a much better performance and should always strive to do so.

Cory c  again this needs a light understated count Basie style approach which allows the melody to just ride on top of a pulsing rhythm with the occasional hit notes to emphasise it. Attention to the unison acappella section is important as it must be together.