We are so very close! Last nights rehearsal focussed on putting the polish into Oregon … looking at some of the minute detail that we need to add to our performance, in this, I think it is important to look at how far we have grown as an ensemble, a few short years we would not have been capable of addressing our music at this level and creating the sound we have achieved.

Harold started his session with a description of what it’s like to be the adjudicator and what they are looking for…… they are looking for accuracy, musicianship and interpretation and after last night I am confident we are going to provide all that.

Getting the band ready for this event is not as simple as you might think…. Whilst we all put in the hard yards at rehearsal and it’s certainly obvious that many have put in hours of practice at home, there are a myriad of other details that get addressed behind the scenes, numerous phone calls, emails and messages between members, band association and other parties take place. We sourced the instrumentation we required and of course have to pick it all up and return it after, all the paperwork of registration, stage plans, scores and declarations have to be filled in and submitted. Live-streaming the rehearsal requires work and comes at a cost but I think it’s worth it and we will be live-streaming next week…..so with all this effort what do you need to do? It’s actually quite simple now……all you need to do is turn up and play….. the hard work is already done.