Rehearsal notes from 20/10/2020

We enjoyed a much lighter rehearsal schedule last night as we move past the remnants of recording, however a couple of things stood out.

Firstly, the way the band responds to dynamics and tempo changes automatically was very evident. This comes as a result of all the hard word you put in over the many months leading up to recording and it is a well worthwhile legacy to have, it means our band is reacting and working as a team, I am sure I have said it before but all the things we glean from the test pieces aren’t just unique to that piece but carry on over to every piece we play no matter how easy or difficult.

Secondly, we have gotten out of the habit of using a playlist for rehearsal as was evidenced last night when we were short of music in some sections, fortunately I had some originals tucked away that got us through but please remember to check the current playlist on the web and ensure you have all the music, if you have an issue printing etc simply email the librarian.

Next week, we will trial a brass ensemble at 6pm in place of a social band rehearsal, all brass players are welcome and so are those who perhaps would like to try a brass or second instrument. This will run for 2 weeks and I would appreciate you using the gig registration form on this website to let me know your intention of attending and your instrument so I can adjust the music accordingly