All Notices and Files on this page are for Financial Members of Camden Community Band only and as such, may not be distributed to anyone who is not a financial member, unless previously agreed to in writing by the Executive Committee.

2020-2021 Committee

President:            Tony Flatman
Vice President:   Geoff Freestone
Secretary:            Kris Took
Treasurer:           Kevin Odendaal
Ordinary Members:

  • Kerry Fielding
  • Rebecca Ward
  • David Pollard
  • Jenny Clisdell
  • Cheryl Ziemiencky
  • Scott Grey

Web Administrator: Gusztav Belanszky


Change to CCB Financial Management – 2023 – V1.3

Camden Community Band is an organization made up of and administered by its members, all of whom are volunteers. All members give their time freely to ensure that the band achieves its aim of providing increasingly high-quality Concert Band music to the Camden Community.

The band has transitioned from being a basic concert band to one that can hold its own in a State Championship competition. The Committee envisage that growth will continue exponentially well into the future.

To this end, the Committee has discussed ways to ensure we move forward without overloading the Committee members. A major change to this end has been the streamlining of the role of the Treasurer, financial reporting and associated fiscal system management. The expected corollary will be that the Committee can focus on helping members musical abilities (and thus the Band) grow without being bogged down by unnecessary administrative issues.

Earlier in 2022 we implemented Xero, a new accounting system. We can now provide reports of our financial status, including dispersion of funds and outstanding debts for the first time since the band was established.

The Committee has decided to bring our billing system in-line with normal Association / Club membership processes, i.e., annual membership invoices are sent out by the Treasurer at the start of the financial year with one month for the members to pay. This would look as follows:

  • Early January 2023 the Treasurer will email an invoice to every member. (Please ensure that CCB has your latest email address.)
  • Payment by the member is made against the issued invoice number by EFTPOS to the MAC CCB bank account identified on the invoice. Alternatively, cash can be deposited into the CCB account at a MAC branch against the relevant invoice number.
  • If full payment by a member is received by the 7th  February 2023, then the member will be considered financial with all the rights assigned in the CCB Inc Constitution.
  • Members with outstanding payments will lose their ability to access music provided by CCB and will no longer be covered by CCB insurance. Members with outstanding fees for 2022 at 31/12/22 will lose system access in the first week of January 2023.



State Championship Timings

Open D Grade Concert bands will start at 12:45 on Saturday, 27th August.

Players are asked to be at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre NO LATER than 12 noon.


Starting from 3/5/22, the Dance Band will be rehearsing every second week from 6-7 pm. If you require access to the Dance Band music, please register using the form under “Notices – Gig Registrations” or email [email protected]


To view our Covid plan for public performances, see the attached file:

Covid-19 public performance Safety Plan