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Band NSW 2023 Contest

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Band NSW 2023 Contest

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Band NSW 2022 Contest
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Band NSW 2022 Contest

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YouTube Links

Here are the recordings from last nights rehearsal. as you will hear, there are spots that are excellent and spots that are not! please have a listen and look at your part to see where we can improve as a group. this is not a criticism of any individual but an opportunity to see what we sound like at the front of the band. Please DO NOT share these recordings publicly as they are provided for a learning tool and are not representative of our bands ability, thanks….Murray

New World

All in the April Evening

The Brave

Own Choice: Symphony #9 Finale from the New World

Sample Link

MB512 Symphony No 9, New World Finale (Harnsberger) Score

Harold’s Notes

Sacred Item: All in the April Evening

All in the April Evening (Kriek) Score

Test Piece: The Brave

Can be found: Official Recording Link

The Brave (Hogg) Score