Another enjoyable rehearsal last night, it’s wonderful to see such a full band attending each week and playing at such a standard. It is a common trait unfortunately in band contests that immediately following the contest the band falls flat as some members move on and the pressure of playing isn’t as great, yet we are still forging forward.

It is vital that we stay in touch with the playlists, not only for the convenience of being able to call the chart required easily but to allow for adequate rehearsal time….when you think about it we have a time slot of 90 minutes per week for 40 to 46 weeks per year ( depending on whether we rehearse during holidays) meaning we get 4140 minutes or 69 hours of rehearsal per year maximum….. if you take off talk time, rest time etc we do amazing things in very short order! However, time spent chasing music can waste that valuable rehearsal time immeasurably. We don’t have the luxury of having our library on site so it is very important that your music is organised and we can maximise our rehearsal time.

Our brass ensemble made their debut over the last 2 weeks and immediately highlighted some issues to players….. suddenly, you are the only one on your part and their is nowhere to hide, miss it and 10%of the ensemble is wrong! Whilst I might appear grumpy when things go wrong, this is the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat a little and watch you improve, it’s great to hear members improving even in the short rehearsal time available. Next week we trial a stage/dance band for 2 weeks and will no doubt see what fun we can have. If you haven’t registered on the website for these ensembles, you are still welcome to attend but it’s easier for me to see what parts are needed prior to the night .

Our Wingello performance is down for the 28th, it will be an outdoor job under the cover of a roof and our first real public performance since lockdown, it’s a fun friendly family afternoon of music open to all. We are working through the myriad of safety details for COVID and will provide a safe, accessible venue. Last night Harold literally went through the motions on swing the mood and I suggest you bring a pencil next week if you haven’t marked them in! Please also note the late inclusion to the playlist of Orient Express which we will be looking at next Tuesday.